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Twitter Advertisement Assistance to Create Customers in India Through Twitter Platform

Twitter is another platform that allows you to bring the traffic and encourage engagement to your website. The effective Twitter ads are placed in the same area as organic content in the newsfeed section of Twitter. The strategies of Twitter marketing in India has created a brand name for us and a reputation that brings startups to us in need of exposure through Twitter. Our advanced and alluring Twitter paid advertising in India is the change that your business needs at this moment.

The Myth...

Twitter remains relatively untouched by new entrepreneurs when it comes to choosing it as a medium for Digital Advertisement. There are relatively two reasons behind the grave omission -

  • It's limited 140 characters per tweet feature. While the limitation curbs the freedom of expression to a great extent, the curt description regarding your product or brand leaves the readers craving for more, ultimately compelling them to go ahead and click on the link that redirects them to the landing page of your website. Mission successful.
  • Twitter enjoys a user-base of 30 million dedicated users, but it is still overshadowed by Facebook’s more than 1 billion clientele base. Nonetheless, the driving point of the argument is that the Twitter users are intellectual, business-minded & active consumers, who offer a more active response to marketing ads as compared to the Facebook traffic. The more potential crowd exists here.
Twitter Advertisement
Twitter Advertisement

Marketing Made Easy...

With Twitter's exclusive features introduced to enhance the marketing experience, you will think twice before giving this platform a miss. The introduction of “cards” such as the Lead Generation Card introduces most welcomed shortcuts like automated entry of the consumer’s basic information (name, username, email) in a card. The potential customer only needs to hit "ubmit". This increases the lead submissions by manifold. Selective Targeting… You can decide on the nature of your campaign, which can be based on interests, geographical location, high traffic keyword selection (which are cheaper in comparison to AdWord), tailored audiences, and even devices. Also, Twitter offers Cost Per Follow & Cost Per Lead/Click payment schemes.

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