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Corporate E-Portfolio

Corporate E-Portfolio

A Corporate E-Portfolio is a resume that underwent a digital makeover. The biggest advantage of acquiring a corporate e-portfolio is that the attributes, works & achievements that get featured in your portfolio becomes digitally accessible over the cyber space. And what gets displayed, is much more diverse than just a paper of enlisted bulletins that recite your corporal status & achievements in a painfully snipped version.

E-portfolios come in highly individualized formats, that allow the incorporation of diverse documentary Word files, videos, URLs, auditory entailments, images & references on one versatile package. This digital portfolio can be easily extended, updated, maintained & shared digitally, throwing more exposure at you over the cyber space.

You can seamlessly advertise your products and services, showcase your previous works, throw in genuine client testimonials for notching up the trust factor. Your portfolio can be conveniently updated over the course as your clientele base & work experience expands. The presence of an e-portfolio establishes a strong digital presence, connects you directly to potential customers who can browse through your corporate details from the comfort of their own premises and can conveniently share the information throughout their own circle, thus expanding your base of acquaintance.

Corporate E-Portfolio Product

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