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Dedicated Graphics

Dedicated Graphics

Facebook Regular Posts –

If you have gauged the impact Facebook can have on your business, you must already be the admin of a fan page that dedicatedly promotes your brand. As effective as it might prove to be to enhance your website traffic, taking this initiative a notch further with the introduction of graphics is extremely beneficial. The prime reason behind the success of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and of course, Facebook is the fact that they serve the onlookers with appealing graphics. Hence, connecting to the targeted audience with the help of graphics combined with SEO related captions is proved to improve the rate of conversions through social media.

Adquicky sees to the task of connecting to the audience, informing & attracting them towards your product on a regular basis with the help of visual-oriented posts that are designed to attract the crowd in an aesthetic fashion.

Facebook Event Posts –

We also create visual content circling around announcements of new products, schemes, events, and the introduction of seasonal offers. The posts are conjured keeping in mind the color psychology, with the addition of crisp content, and unique eye-catching visuals that are in complete harmony with the contents of the post.

Launching news and offers, events related to your business on Facebook help you analyze the level of anticipation circulating amongst the crowd. It also helps you have a more intimate relationship with the customer, and maintain a customer support system there itself, where the audience fills in their queries regarding your product through Facebook Messenger.

Whatsapp Posts –

With 1 billion new users registered every day, there's no doubt that Whatsapp has gained global popularity for dispensing a more personalized messaging experience for the internet enthusiasts. Because registration in Whatsapp needs the phone number of the user, marketing via this medium can help you collect and establish an extensive database of potential customers.

Also, Whatsapp lets you incorporate photos, videos, v-cards, links & URLs to your promotional text that again, can comprise of more than 1000 characters. With Whatsapp, there is no limit on the input of words. Also, compared to promotional campaigns via SMS, Whatsapp lets you send bulk messages for free. But since it is a highly personalized platform, a campaign should be extremely sharp, engaging and to the point, else it runs high chances of being ignored. Adquicky dispenses out promotional texts chartered with catchy literary & visual components to engage and connect with the recipients. Our software also keeps track of the conversions, opened messages, block lists, et cetera. For replies received from the recipients, we take care of it with automated responses that are articulated with great attention to be informative and satisfactory.

Online Emailer & Newsletters –

If you entertain a base of interested clients who have already signed up for your regular email service, it becomes extremely crucial to sustain this potential resource and positively convert them into active buyers.

Adquicky provides services to articulate highly curated content to successfully hold your customer's attention. The contents are highly informative, concentrated around your service/product, interactive & creatively arranged. Artfully formulated articles regarding your brand are dispensed to your customers in bulk, through dedicated emails & exclusive newsletters, depending on your choice of the campaign. We architect the emails & newsletters to be personalized as well as shareable on other social media platforms. They are guaranteed to offer a good, gratifying read to your clients, in such a way that they keep craving for the installment of the next edition.


Graphic Interchange Formats, commonly known as GIFs, are taking up the internet by storm. The perfect mode of advertisement to target the "lazy potential customers", GIFs advertise your product to the customers without the requirement of any click baits & plug buttons. They are a series of images that are displayed in rapid succession to provide a sense of motion in the advertisement banner.

With the incorporation of features like basic animation to creatively advertise your product, you can broadcast a larger bulk of information concerning your brand in a limited time span. With the usage of slides, you can feature more products/text in a single advertisement banner.

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